EN – ISO Standards for safety in working environments

EN ISO 14120 
General requirements for the design and manufacture of fixed and movable guards.

5.2.4 – Viewing
Where viewing of the process is required, guards shall be designed and constructed to offer adequate viewing.

5.9 – Machine viewing
Where viewing of machine operation is required through the guard, materials shall be selected with suitable properties (…) or wire mesh is used, this should be of adequate open area and suitable colour to permit viewing.Viewing will be enhanced if the perforate material is darker than the area observed.

ISO 14122-3
Permanent means of access to machinery. Ladder, step ladder, safety rails.

EN ISO 12100-1
Basic concepts, general design principles.

EN ISO 13857
Safety distances to prevent the contact of dangerous areas with upper and lower limbs. EN 349 Minimum distances to avoid squashing of body parts.

EN 349 – ISO 13854
Minimum gaps to avoid crushing parts of the human body.

EN ISO 10218-2
Robots in industrial environments. Safety.

EN ISO 14119
Interlocking devices designed for guards. Design and selection concepts.

Machinery Directive.

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