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A Safe factory is a Productive one.

Workplace safety is a major consideration for SATECH and since the business commenced in 2000 its hardware and software products and systems have been designed to meet all relevant EU Directives concerning safety at work. A European market leader in modular protection systems for industrial machinery, the company operates from its 12,000 sq.m. design, development and manufacturing facility at Calco in the province of Lecco in northern Italy. SATECH’s patented assembly systems and software have been developed to go way beyond the simple protection concept. The ability to transform specific customer demands into viable production projects and manufacture them to the highest quality standards has given SATECH a unique advantage in the industry. More and more manufacturing companies are adopting the basic premise that safety is not only everyone’s duty but also a major contributing factor where the quality of their own products is concerned. A safe factory is a productive one. Since SATECH exclusively operates in the industrial sector, its technical department is geared up to meet customers’ individual requirements and provide customised protection equipment and systems for different industry sectors. Ongoing technical research and development, coupled to years of experience, enable SATECH to provide the right solution whatever the application.

Constant development of the design of its assembly systems allows SATECH to provide the optimal answer to the most demanding requirements.

All solutions, being based on the company’s structured modular panel system, are guaranteed to deliver highly cost-effective modular protection installations, even when facing the most complex situations. Because SATECH technical staff design protection systems using modular products from its huge range – and equally huge stockholdings – at the Calco facility, even urgent and complex orders are delivered quickly and equally speedily assembled on site, thus ensuring the shortest possible lead time before customers’ employees enjoy the important benefits of enhanced safety at work and all at an amazingly low cost.


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