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Satech's new Company Culture project

On September 16, 2020, the launch event of Satech’s new Company Culture project was held at its headquarters. The happening marked the start of the third phase of the corporate renewal strategy: first introduced three years ago, its first two phases were successfully carried out in 2020 through the construction/relocation to the new modern site in Bulciago and the implementation of the new management software.
  • Xavier Garcia, CEO di Satech

«Now is the time to work on the human capital», said Mr. Xavier Garcia, CEO of Satech in his speech. «We will embrace the new process methods we have designed in recent years and we will make the most of our new facility to provide customers with the best possible Satech experience.»

The “Culture” project aims to be very concrete, much like the action plan devised to improve products, services and even the working environment. An extensive Internal Communication campaign has been carried out with the purpose of explaining the foundational elements and values of the new Satech Culture.

  • Sede centrale di Satech, il primo Produttore di Protezioni per Macchinari in Italia

Moreover, two teams of managers are already working on the adoption of modern problem-solving approaches such as Design Thinking, while an additional four Teams are designing a set of improvement-focused actions.

  • Cultura Aziendale Satech, il primo produttore di Protezioni Perimetrali in Italia

These have been identified through an in-depth analysis, to which all the people involved in the processes participated. Lastly, the “Listening” Team is leveraging the power of interviews to gather opinions and suggestions of the workforce to drive improvement. Such information will add up to a complete overview of the criticalities that need to be addressed and will offer new ideas for future tasks to be included in the action plan.

Responsibility, Sharing, Positivity, Commitment, Discipline, but also Integrity, Recognition, Opportunity: these are just some of the keywords that will guide the entirety of Satech’s future activities. The goal, however, is the same as ever: doing our very best to satisfy our customers.

Globales vertriebsnetzwerk und angebotserstellung

Satech vertreibt seine Artikel in über 40 Ländern weltweit.

Unsere Systeme, sowie Verfügbarkeiten und technische Spezifikationen können je nach Land und Interessengebiet variieren.

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