Modular Machine Guards that fit all of your needs.

Perimeter Protection Modular Machine Guards compliant with European and International Standards

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Tailor-made Solutions for the safety of operators and machinery

Our Modular Machine Guards Systems, Doors and Accessories provide tailor-made Solutions for any machinery layout need. 3 framed Systems, 2 frameless Systems, doors, accessories and locking systems ensure maximum protection when accessing hazard areas for machinery maintenance.

  • Protezioni Perimetrali Satech - Soluzioni tailor-made per la messa in sicurezza di operatori e macchinari

What is your Need?

Speed of assembly, resistance to impacts or aggressive environments, adaptability: find the right System for you here.

BASIC Series


The best-selling framed Machine Guard

The Machine Guard suitable for several industrial applications. Featuring two assembly options: Captive Nuts and Bolts (for impacts up to 1608 J) and the Quick Clamp (for up to 25% less assembly time).

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The robust Machine Guard

The Machine Guard with reinforced posts and thick baseplates, ideal for robotic cells. Featuring two assembly options: Quick Clamp (for up to 25% less assembly time) and Captive Nuts and Bolts (for impacts up to 1608 J).

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The Machine Guard with the quickest assembly

The Machine Guard with no posts that saves you up to 70% assembly time. Ideal for the partitioning of areas and for conveyor belts on automatic lines.

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The resistant and adaptable frameless Machine Guard

The robust and lightweight Machine Guard that allows to adapt panel shapes and size directly on-site, saving plenty of time in the event of unforeseen circumstances. Tested for impacts up to 1608 J.

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BlueGuard hygienic fencing

Hygienic Design

The Stainless Steel frameless Machine Guard

The frameless AISI 304 Stainless Steel and Food techno-polymer Machine Guard combining safety with the high hygienic standards required in the Agro-food, Chemical and Pharmaceutical industries.

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Hygienic Design

Products and Complements

Our Machine Guards can be completed with a wide range of high-quality doors, panels, locking systems and accessories.

  • Protezioni Perimetrali Satech - Protezione Macchine

Standard Doors

Our line of doors designed for the passage of people, pallet trucks, forklifts or overhead cranes.

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  • Protezioni Perimetrali Satech - Pannelli Modulari

Modular Panels

In addition to mesh panels, our framed Systems can be built with panels in different materials.

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  • Satech Protezioni Perimetrali - Offriamo una gamma di chiusure adatte a tutti i Livelli di Prestazione richiesti nei sistemi di sicurezza.

Locking Systems

We offer a range of locks suitable for all Performance Levels required in security systems.

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  • Protezioni Perimetrali Satech - Accessori e Staffe per completare la vostra sicurezza perimetrale macchine

Accessories and Brackets

Mounting Complements and brackets for the full customization of your Machine Guard.

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Full compliance to Standards

Satech Machine Guards are manufactured in compliance with the EN ISO 14120 Standard, “General requirements for the design and construction of fixed and movable Guards”. They can be installed at a minimum distance of 120 mm from hazard (in accordance with EN ISO 13857), saving you valuable layout space.


Your ideal partner for Machine Perimeter Protection

Since 2000, we have been designing Industrial Safety Solutions with high-quality products that are modular and easy to assemble. In our 20+ years of work we have contributed to the safety of thousands of automated machinery systems for the protection of millions of people.


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Our network of distributors located in more than 40 Countries and our four direct Branches (Italy, France, Germany and Japan) allow us to serve our customers quickly,
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