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Our favourite project? The next one!

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Our favourite project? The next one!


New mechanical lock with integrated Safety Switch The new D-FenceLock is entirely made of steel. It features a mechanical retention device with double external and internal control, which provides top-level safety to the line and maintenance personnel. Thanks to its self-centering system, maximum precision is assured during closure. These locks have a panic release and a hold-on device to prevent unauthorized and accidental lockouts. D-FenceLocks are specifically designed for personnel safety: Anti-panic emergency unlocking from inside. In-built microswitch. Key lock in open position to prevent accidental closure. Dual control mechanical lock. The main benefits of these locks are: Robustness; Key lock in open position to prevent accidental closure;  



When you need the containment of ejected parts and substances and it is not possible to use mesh panels, the Satech solution involves mounting 1.2 mm thick steel sheet panels. They can be provided in both 20×20 or 30x30mm frames, with or without inspection windows. View ports can be made with transparent polycarbonate or in adiactinic material, in order to contain UV radiation in the welding areas. Shaped frameless self-supporting lightweight panels are also available. Satech sheet metal panels are compatible with BASIC, STRONG and GREEN FAST Systems. A complete range of hinged and sliding doors gives you the flexibility to manage any machinery application and perimeter.  



To contain the expulsion of processing residues such as cutting waste, scraps, etc. we can equip our panels with kick plates.The robust structure of the skirting is made of 2 mm sheet steel and its special shape allows a quick and stable mounting on all Satech systems with frame. Kick plates do not interfere with the mounting system of our doors, allowing the installation also on them.  



Satech is constantly seeking to improve its products. This is why all doors of our modular system Series ADAPTA are now featured with new panels without central crosspiece.The new door panels are aesthetically coordinate to the perimeter panels and also enhance the safety parameters related to Standard EN ISO 13857.The special shape of the mesh panels also allow an easier tightening of the hinge screws. ADAPTA new door panels come standard on all Series ADAPTA doors, either hinged or sliding doors  



Satech renews its range of sliding doors with low-friction telescopic guides. The new Sliding Doors TX are featured with two new-generation telescopic guides that ensure smooth sliding and great stability. The new Sliding Doors with telescopic guides TX are adaptable to different panels, with different frame sections, without the need of any structural modification. Their versatility is also ensured by different openings: they are available with openings of 800 and 1000 mm or 1200 and 1500 with rubber wheel. The new Sliding Doors TX are supplied with high visibility handles as a standard.  

New 2016 Sliding Doors with telescopic guides TX - Single


Industrial layouts often require large openings controlled by doors which, when opened, can be compacted into a small space. Satech’s Large Sliding Door solutions are obtained by exploiting the features of the standard telescopic sliding door. Telescopic sliding and rotation on the hinge allow you to obtain the maximum reduction of the area of accumulation of the panels and its variable positioning. Stability is also ensured by support wheels. Maximum adaptability and versatility of installation are ensured by the possibility to install any type of lock and safety switch.  



SATECH pre-assembled door monoblocs are now equipped with new top struts which provide improved rigidity and strength to the structure, making the acesses even safer. As the previous models, the new pre-assembled doors are installed with the same ease and speed like a simple standard panel, allowing to significantly reduce the assembly time. Available with 40 or 60 mm posts, the new SATECH pre-assembled hinged doors are compatible with all Systems and most of SATECH locks. The height of 2,100 mm, makes them fully compliant with the updates of ISO 14120.  



Satech introduces the “lean” version of the vertical manual-operated door. The new Manual conterbalanced Vertical door is equipped with a counterweight that allows the control of the opening and closing movement and an actuation with a force not exceeding 150 N. The double-rope pulley, the magnet stop and the generously sized uprights make the door fully compliant with the Safety Standards requirements. The reduced number of components, finally, allow a simple and fast assembly.  

Manual counterbalanced Vertical door


The installation of our perimeter protections Series-ADAPTA is now even faster, thanks to the new mounting tool for our mesh panels without frame. When the tool is inserted into the upright, two ergonomic hooks mantain the panel at the correct height until it is fixed with the ADAPTA High-strength nylon-fibreglass fasteners. This useful tool has been designed to allow quick and easy assembly by a single operator.  



This simple and affordable accessory is mounted directly on the door stop. It prevents accidental closure of the door and the consequent possible restart of the machine or system. The mechanical spring system is provided with a latch that allows emergency opening of the close door from the inside. The anti-tampering device is available for all models of Satech’s hinged and and sliding doors.  

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