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Product presentations, Installations, Impact Tests: find all the information you need.

Standard Systems

Product videos of our range of Machine Guards

Machine Perimeter Guards Video - Satech EasyGuard

EasyGuard is a Perimeter Guarding System that is simple and effective. The new welded baseplates with 3 anchoring points and the redesigned Clamp reduce installation time up to 25%.

Perimeter Guards for Robots Video - Satech ImpactGuard

ImpactGuard is the solid, durable Perimeter Guard System. Its sturdy structure allows to absorb impacts from the inside up to 2200 J (2600 J for the 30-mm frame version).

Modular Perimeter Safety Fences Video -Satech FastGuard

FastGuard is the Modular Perimeter Safety Fence with no posts that combines extra-rapid assembly with convenience and versatility.

Frameless Perimeter Safety Guards Video -Satech AdaptaGuard

AdaptaGuard is the Frameless Perimeter Safety Guard that allows to fit panels shape and size directly on-site, saving time in case of unforeseen circumstances.

Stainless Steel Hygienic Fencing Video - Satech BlueGuard

BlueGuard is the Stainless Steel Hygienic Fencing that combines safety and versatility with the high hygienic standards required in the Agro-food, Chemical and Pharmaceutical industries.

Classic Machine Safety Fences - Satech BASIC

BASIC is the Classic Machine Safety Fence for the protection of machinery and operators that is competitive and extremely versatile.

Classic Machine Safety Fences - Satech STRONG

STRONG is the robust Classic Machine Safety Fence with reinforced posts, high-thickness baseplates and 2 assembly options.

Satech Applications

Tailor-Made Solutions for all industrial sectors made with Standard Products

Perimeter Guarding for automated lines Video - Satech BASIC

Perimeter Guarding for robotic cells Video - Satech STRONG

Perimeter Safety Fencing for bottling lines Video - Satech FastGuard

Perimeter Safety Guards for packaging lines Video - Satech AdaptaGuard

Impact Tests and Speed Tests

Impact Test EN ISO 14120 Video - Satech BASIC

The Dynamic Resistance Test from the inside outwards (EN ISO 14120) performed on our BASIC Machine Guarding System.

Impact Test EN ISO 14120 Video - Satech STRONG

The Dynamic Resistance Test from the inside outwards (EN ISO 14120) performed on our STRONG Machine Guarding System.

Speed Test Installation Video - Satech FastGuard

Find out how quick it is to assemble FastGuard, our Safety Fence System with no posts.

Other Products

Fall Prevention Guardrail Video - Satech BodyGuard

BodyGuard is the Fall Prevention Guardrail System for the delimitation of ground walkways or elevated areas.

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