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Satech, your ideal partner for Machinery Perimeter Protection

We are the first Italian Company that’s specialized in the manufacturing of Standards-compliant Modular Guarding Systems for Machine Perimeter Protection. For 20+ years we have been designing Industrial Safety Solutions made of high-quality products that are modular and easy to assemble.

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    Direct Offices between Europe and Japan
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    Standard Systems stock-ready
  • 20K
    square meters of production area

A story long 20+ years

We started out in 2000 as a small business located in one of Italy’s most active Industrial Districts. Today, we are a modern Certified Company operating in a high-tech facility, with three additional branches in Europe and Asia and a sales network that allows us to serve our Customers everywhere in the world. This growth was made possible by all the steps taken over these years, which make us proud of our history and of where we have come so far.

  1. 2000
    MERATE (LECCO, ITALY) Start Of Activities
  2. 2001 -2008
    Creation and development of our Sales Network
  3. 2004
    CALCO (LECCO, ITALY) Satech moves its headquarters
  4. 2009
    LYON (FRANCE) Estabilishment of Satech France
  5. 2012
    STÜTTGART (GERMANY) Estabilishment of Satech Germany
  6. 2016 -2017
    CALCO (LECCO, ITALY) Expansion of the Satech headquarters
  7. 2017
    YOKOHAMA (JAPAN) Estabilishment of Satech Japan
  8. 2020 20th Company anniversary
    BULCIAGO (LECCO, ITALY) Satech becomes a Smart Factory moving to a larger, Industry 4.0 facility
  9. 2022 ISO Certifications
    BULCIAGO (LECCO, ITALY) Satech becomes ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Certified
  • Protezioni Perimetrali Satech - Progettazione AutoCAD e Inventor per Soluzioni su misura

Tailor-made Solutions

Your need, our Solution

Each machinery layout features specific requirements. Our modular, stock-ready Guards - both fixed and movable - provide the perfect Solution to most of customer needs in all industrial sectors. Our Quotations Team will best advise you on how to optimize our modules to get the right fit for your needs.



Automation and ISO 9001 System

Our robots and machinery 4.0 are controlled by state-of-the-art software to ensure the perfect integration and control of any process: from laser cutting to panel welding, from painting to packing and shipping. Additionally, we consider Quality as an integral part of our Value proposition: an ISO 9001 certified Quality system ensures the highest degree of efficiency in all our processes.

  • Protezioni Perimetrali Satech - L'Azienda: tecnologia Industry 4.0
  • Protezioni Perimetrali Satech - L'Azienda: artigianalità


Details that make the difference

Customizations of our products are carried out by the CustomGuard team, which takes care of every detail with craftsmanslike attention.
Additionally, the SatechLab Team is able to develop and deliver turnkey projects by integrating our Standard Solutions with tailor-made Products.


Our commitment to sustainability

We strive to reduce the impact on the Planet through an ISO 14001 certified environmental management system. Our productive processes are constantly analyzed and refined in order to improve their sustainability over time.

  • Protezioni Perimetrali Satech - L'Azienda: sostenibilità ambientale ISO 14001_pannelli solari

Self-production of clean energy

More than half of our Smart Factory’s energy needs are covered by a system of solar panels installed on 6,000 m2 of roofing at our Bulciago Production Facility.

  • Protezioni Perimetrali Satech - L'Azienda: sostenibilità ambientale ISO 14001_utilizzo di materia prima riciclata

Use of recycled raw material

The consumption of natural resources is one of the factors that has the greatest impact on sustainability. More than 70% of the steel we use comes from recycled raw material.

Centralized Air Conditioning|h3|

Centralized Air Conditioning

Besides producing our own electricity, we limit its consumption as much as possible. A system of electric pumps distributes air conditioning to the office building - no fossil fuel needed.

Wastewater `{`greater-large`}`recovery`{`/greater-large`}`|h3|

Wastewater recovery

Our Smart Factory employs a modern recovery system that cleans industrial wastewater and feeds it back into processes. This reduces the amount of waste produced and water consumed.

Timed lighting system `{`greater-large`}`for energy saving`{`/greater-large`}`|h3|

Timed lighting system for energy saving

The lighting system installed in our Production Facility is energy-efficient. A timer limits the use of artificial lights only to necessary hours.

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