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New mechanical lock with integrated Safety Switch The new D-FenceLock is entirely made of steel. It features a mechanical retention device with double external and internal control, which provides top-level safety to the line and maintenance personnel. Thanks to its self-centering system, maximum precision is assured during closure. These locks have a panic release and a hold-on device to prevent unauthorized and accidental lockouts. D-FenceLocks are specifically designed for personnel safety: Anti-panic emergency unlocking from inside. In-built microswitch. Key lock in open position to prevent accidental closure. Dual control mechanical lock. The main benefits of these locks are: Robustness; Key lock in open position to prevent accidental closure;  



Para contener la expulsión de procesamiento de residuos, como los residuos de corte, restos, etc. podemos equipar nuestros paneles con placas de protección. La estructura robusta del rodapié es de acero de 2 mm de espesor y su forma especial permite un montaje rápido y en todos los sistemas de Satech con marco. El zócalo no interfiere con el sistema de montaje de las puertas, lo que permite la instalación también en ellas.  



Satech renueva su gama de puertas correderas con el uso de guías telescópicas de baja fricción. La nueva Puerta Corredera TX está diseñada con dos guías telescópicas de nueva generación que aseguran un deslizamiento suave y gran estabilidad. Las nuevas Puertas Correderas con guías telescópicas TX se pueden adaptar a diferentes tipos de paneles, con diferente tipo de marco, sin la necesidad de ninguna modificación estructural. Su versatilidad está garantizada por sus diferentes aperturas: están disponibles puertas de 800 y 1000mm ó 1200 y 1500mm con rueda de goma. Las nuevas Puertas Correderas TX se suministran con tiradores rojos como estándar.  

New 2016 Sliding Doors with telescopic guides TX - Single


Industrial layouts often require large openings controlled by doors which, when opened, can be compacted into a small space. Satech’s Large Sliding Door solutions are obtained by exploiting the features of the standard telescopic sliding door. Telescopic sliding and rotation on the hinge allow you to obtain the maximum reduction of the area of accumulation of the panels and its variable positioning. Stability is also ensured by support wheels. Maximum adaptability and versatility of installation are ensured by the possibility to install any type of lock and safety switch.  



SATECH pre-assembled door monoblocs are now equipped with new top struts which provide improved rigidity and strength to the structure, making the acesses even safer. As the previous models, the new pre-assembled doors are installed with the same ease and speed like a simple standard panel, allowing to significantly reduce the assembly time. Available with 40 or 60 mm posts, the new SATECH pre-assembled hinged doors are compatible with all Systems and most of SATECH locks. The height of 2,100 mm, makes them fully compliant with the updates of ISO 14120.  



Satech introduces the “lean” version of the vertical manual-operated door. The new Manual conterbalanced Vertical door is equipped with a counterweight that allows the control of the opening and closing movement and an actuation with a force not exceeding 150 N. The double-rope pulley, the magnet stop and the generously sized uprights make the door fully compliant with the Safety Standards requirements. The reduced number of components, finally, allow a simple and fast assembly.  

Manual counterbalanced Vertical door

Herramienta de Montaje para Sistema ADAPTA

La instalación de nuestras protecciones perimetrales de la Serie ADAPTA es ahora más rápida y sencilla, gracias a la nueva herramienta de montaje para nuestros paneles de malla (rejilla) sin marco. Cuando se inserta la herramienta en el poste, dos ganchos ergonómicos mantienen el panel a la altura correcta hasta que se fija con el clip de alta resistencia ADAPTA hecho de fibra de vidrio y de nylon. Esta útil herramienta ha sido diseñada para permitir un rápido y sencillo montaje por un sólo operario.  



This simple and affordable accessory is mounted directly on the door stop. It prevents accidental closure of the door and the consequent possible restart of the machine or system. The mechanical spring system is provided with a latch that allows emergency opening of the close door from the inside. The anti-tampering device is available for all models of Satech’s hinged and and sliding doors.  



When the fence is interrupted leaving a free opening, you need to use an alternative security system. The Satech supports for light curtains are an easy-to-install solution that offers a robust “shell”, specifically designed for REER light curtains. These accessories, which are perfectly integrated in the components of the fence, consist of 5 mm “C” profiles to which the light curtains holders are directly fixed. The slots on the mounting brackets allow a simple adjustment of the optical wiring and the cable holder in the back allows the passage of electrical wiring.

Un sistema semplice e pratico A simple and practical SYSTEM


Troax Group AB Sweden, the world’s leading mesh panel producer and Satech Safety Technology SpA Italy, inform that they have joined forces and will create an even better partnership for the customers. This will enhance the possibilities to develop new products and to invest even more in marketing and sales activities. Since there are limited collisions between Satech and Troax in the market, we are convinced that we will be even better able to support you as customers. Nothing will change regarding commercial activities. Troax and Satech will continue to market and to sell solutions independently within perimeter guarding, as we successfully have been doing for many years. You will meet the same sales engineer and have contact with the same contact person as before. Both brands will thus continue to exist and continue to be offered to customers.

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