Wygrodzenia bezpieczeństwa H. 2220: NOWA wysokość referencyjna Satech

H.2220 Machine Guards

The NEW reference height

Starting September 1st 2022, H.2220 will be the new reference height of Satech Machine Guards (Please note: we’re talking about the GUARD height, made of 2240 mm Posts and 2080 mm Panels). The 2040 mm Guard height (1900 mm panels + 2060 mm posts) will be removed from our Standard Stock offering, but will still be available as a CustomGuard height and – of course – as a replacement part.

We embraced the suggestions of our customers and decided to standardize our offer to meet the increasing demand for greater heights that we have been receiving from all over the world.

A new take on our framed panels for increased stiffness

Our panels are known for being light weight and sturdy. Besides changing our reference height, we are also introducing a small, yet relevant change to our tried-and-tested mesh: the nominal mesh size becomes 20×100 mm and its slot size is reduced to 17×97 mm. The resulting higher number of vertical mesh wires increases panel stiffness.

  • The Brand New 20x100 Mesh slot of Satech Modular Machine Guards
  • Risparmio di spazio dell'Altezza 2220 mm, la nuova altezza di riferimento delle Protezioni Perimetrali Satech

H.2220 saves you valuable space

Imagine you have a hazardous area that’s 1800 mm tall. According to EN ISO 13857, a Perimeter Guard with a 2040 mm height must be installed at a 600 mm distance. By contrast, a 2220 mm Guard can be installed only 120 mm from hazard. In a 5×5 m robotic cell, for example, the amount of saved space is about 10-12 sqm.

H.2220 at the same price of H.2040

The new reference height is convenient even price-wise. Starting September 1st, 2080 mm panels will have the same list price of the current 1900 mm panels, while 2240 mm posts will have the same price of the current 2060 mm ones.

  • Altezza 2220 mm, la nuova altezza di riferimento delle Protezioni Perimetrali Satech

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